Blue Research Products and Services


Strategic, high-energy moderating

Uncovers deeper behavioral motivations, perceptions and images that your key constituents and target groups are often unable to articulate in typical focus group discussions.


Creative qualitative research design and implementation

Yields deeper insights into key business objectives and challenges.



Help your team better understand how to choose and use qualitative research and how to develop and write better concepts


Facilitation for Innovation and Action Planning

Helping you fill your innovation pipeline and help your team take information and insights into action plans.

Qualitative Research Portfolio

We offer a complete portfolio of qualitative research services and approaches to help clients gain deep consumer insights to solve critical business challenges including:

  • Insight Generation
  • Concept development and optimization
  • New Product Development Research
  • Branding Exploratory and Development
  •  Strategy Development and Revitalization
  • Advertising & communications development
  • Product design and usage
  • Packaging design and usage
  • Mobile Eyetracking Research
  • Target Immersion Workshops
  • Online Research

Creative techniques and deep probing elicit deep-seated, meaningful insights relevant to your objectives.

  • Consumer Collages
  • Insights from Imagery
  • Letter Writing
  • Ethnography
  • Anatomy of the Experience
  • Associative techniques

An intensive, iterative approach that allows teams to quickly and efficiently develop and optimize concepts based on consumer insights and input.

Click through the phases below:

We use creative techniques and approaches such as ethnographies, Consumer Collages, Letter Writing etc. to gain deep consumer insights.  These are used to develop language for Phase 2: Building Blocks.

Based on consumer insights, we write the building blocks of concepts: INSIGHTS, BENEFITS and SUPPORTS as individual statements.   These are printed on legal sized ‘flashcards.’ In focus groups we share each statement on the flaschards with consumers and we ‘sort’ them to identify the strongest statements in each set and optimize language.  At the end of this phase, we have strong direction and understanding to develop the full concepts for Phase 3.

Based on top building block elements, the Team develops full concepts. In focus groups, these are reviewed in-depth with consumers to optimize language and ensure ideas are relevant and connect deeply with consumers on rational and emotional levels.  Concepts range from B/W to full color and Blue Research can help fully with development.

At the end of Phase 3 concepts will typically be ready for quantitative concept testing.

Refresher Course for new teams and to reconnect with the target for a fresh look and fresh insights.

  • Teams go into the field interviewing constituents in homes, cars, stores, yards, etc.
  • Regroup for a formal debrief and development session
  • Blue Research can also bring in key experts to add additional learnings to the experience

A third party can help focus a team and create momentum in filling a product pipeline, redirecting their vision, goals, priorities or process.

  • Extensive experience with challenges from innovation to setting goals and priorities to defining action plans
  • Customize our creative approach for each challenge

We customize a program for your team based on what your issues and outages are and what your goals are for improvement.

Our core competencies are:

  • How To Best Choose and Use Qualitative Research Techniques
  • Qualitative Research for Innovation
  • Concept Development Practicum

We work with your Team to develop the best program for you. Most are half day to full day programs.

Blue Research works with Tobii, global experts in the latest in eye tracking technology and understanding, to provide a range of eye tracking services to a variety of needs.

  • Advertising Research
  • Packaging Design and Development
  • Shopper Experiences
  • Usability Testing for websites and other digital technologies